Welcome to Fog City Fitness—Your Personal Trainer in San Francisco

January 6, 2020 at 5:00 AM
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Now that the new year has started, you may be ready to fulfill your long-time goal of getting into fitness and integrating regular exercise into your daily regime. As for those who have been keeping fit for some time now, and are on the lookout for a new personal trainer in San Francisco, then look no further than Fog City Fitness.

We offer personal training services designed to address your fitness goals, whether it’s for weight loss, strength and conditioning, or muscle building. If you’re just starting out or need that extra push to stay on track, it might help to retrain your thoughts and focus on the following benefits of regular exercise:

1. Manage your weight

Although diet plays a major role in weight loss, exercise is also critical for helping manage weight and preventing obesity. Regular exercise enables the body to lose weight when more calories are burned than are consumed. Moreover, bigger muscle mass (which is only achievable through exercise) means better calorie-burning efficiency.

2. Reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases

Regular exercise, especially cardio workouts, revitalizes and strengthens your heart and circulatory system. It improves blood flow, so optimum levels of oxygen are delivered to all organs and tissues of the body. This way, you are also able to control your blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

3. Aid in regulating blood sugar and insulin levels

High blood sugar and the body’s inability to process insulin can lead to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. With regular physical activity, you not only get to reduce your blood sugar but also assist your body in properly regulating insulin levels.

4. Assist in quitting alcohol and tobacco

A healthy liver and lungs are necessary for you to be able to exercise optimally. You can avoid indulging in counterproductive behavior such as drinking and smoking by committing to fitness. Moreover, side effects of withdrawing from cigarette smoking and drinking, such as weight gain and cravings, can be limited and better tolerated with exercise.

5. Sharpen your mental acuity and focus

Through exercise, the body is stimulated to release proteins and other chemicals that aid in keeping your brain sharp and efficiently functioning. This is why, during and after exercise, you will find yourself more focused and intent when performing mental tasks.

6. Improve bone density and strengthen muscles

Movements such as running, jumping, and other plyometric exercises, as well as resistance training, not only strengthen the muscles in use but also stimulate bone growth. This contributes greatly to attaining better bone density, so you become less prone to developing osteoporosis later in life.

7. Boost your mood and reduce stress

There’s nothing like exercise to improve your sense of well-being as it helps release the feel-good chemicals naturally produced in the human body, specifically endorphins. These natural stress busters immediately help you feel better and reduce the chances of you developing depression even on low days or during prolonged periods of stress.

8. Get better quality sleep

Regular exercise not only energizes the body but also greatly contributes to you getting good quality snooze time at night. With exercise, you’ll find yourself falling asleep faster and dozing more fitfully, so you wake up fresh and ready to face the day the next morning.

There are other health benefits to exercising, and we’d love to go over each one of them with you so you stay inspired and healthy.

Remember, at Fog City Fitness, we’ll keep you on track and always motivated to fulfill your fitness goals not just for the new year, but in all the years to come.