Tips for Strength Training

September 1, 2023 at 4:00 AM
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Do you ever lift weights? If not, you’re missing out, as lifting weights offers many benefits, from weight loss and muscle gains to greater strength and improved stamina. This article will provide several tips for getting into strength training for the first time or returning after a long time off.

How to start weight training

If you’re looking to get into strength training, there are a few things you can do to start. These include:

1. Consult a strength trainer or join a gym

While you don’t necessarily need a gym or trainer to get into strength training, getting guidance from a strength conditioning coach can help you get a great foundation to avoid injury. A professional can show you how to squat, deadlift, and lunge properly. This will help ensure you don’t overcompensate in your lower spine or damage your vertebrae while exercising.

Along with teaching you proper form, a strength conditioning coach can help you learn specific exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.

If you’re unsure how to connect with a professional trainer, you can always start at your local gym. Most gyms have strength conditioning coaches who can advise on using machines and lifting free weights. They can also help answer any questions you may have to ensure you’re getting the most out of every gym or home training session.

2. Buy some weights

There are many exercises you can do by using your own body weight. But if you’re ready to add weightlifting to your home gym or start using them at the gym, you can consider purchasing:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells
  • Resistance bands

As you’re starting out, all you really need is a set of dumbbells. And once you get more comfortable, you can start adding additional weightlifting gear, kettlebells, and barbells to your routine.

Advice for starting strength training

Here’s some beginner tips as you start strength training:

  1. Start with lighter weights. When starting with strength training, you should use lighter weights and do more repetitions as you’re starting out. The definition of light will depend on your current fitness level and what you’ll be doing. Different exercises can also require different weight levels to be effective.
  2. Make sure you warm up. Before working out, you must warm up properly before exercising. A quick warmup will help prepare your muscles and joints for the workout ahead so they’re limber and less susceptible to injury.
  3. Check your form. Proper form is vital for workout success. Beginners should always be aware to keep a neutral spine at all times during every exercise.
  4. Rest between sets. You should always give your muscles a rest after completing a set. When you’re weightlifting, aim for at least one minute of rest between sets. This will allow your muscles to recover and avoid being overworked or fatigued.
  5. Keep workouts to no more than 45 minutes. All good workout sessions must come to an end. Limiting your workouts to 45 minutes helps you avoid overdoing it. Overtraining can leave you feeling tired, sore, or cranky. It can also increase your risk of injury because you’re not allowing your muscles to recover properly.

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