How Many Strength and Conditioning Courses To See Results?

September 7, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a woman engaged in a strength and conditioning course to get fit and be awesome.

One of the most frustrating things when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle is not seeing immediate results. You change your diet, start cardio, and begin strength and conditioning courses. And while you may have more energy, sleep better, and feel stronger, you do not see results in the mirror. Many people wonder how long they have to maintain their new lifestyle before they see changes–whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or sculpting and toning.

Approaching a lifestyle change by asking yourself how many strength and conditioning courses before you see results undermines the long-term success of your workout goals. Instead, focus on individual workouts and achieving short-term goals; you’ll stay engaged with the process, not fixated on the result.

What are strength and conditioning courses good for?

Strength and conditioning courses cover a wide variety of exercises, and are customizable to an athlete’s unique goals, whether that’s increasing power, improving mobility and flexibility, or losing weight.

Foundational to strength and conditioning training is a focus on the mind to improve endurance, resilience, and competitiveness. Traditionally, these courses are for athletes to hone their skills and performance while reducing injury risk.

At Fog City Fitness, we believe in helping everyone discover their inner athlete. Even if you’ve never walked into a gym before, our strength and conditioning courses can help you transform your lifestyle or workout regimen.

What else should I do with strength and conditioning?

There are many benefits to strength and conditioning courses, such as improving endurance, power, and speed. However, they’re not a comprehensive workout plan for people whose goals include cardio, like cycling, swimming, HIIT, or running.

Including both cardio and strength and conditioning courses in your weekly exercise keeps you excited about new workouts.

Because strength and conditioning involve building muscle, you may also need to make dietary changes to see results. Consulting with a nutritionist is a great way to ensure your body gets the energy it needs to create the results you want to see.

How long does it take to see results through strength and conditioning courses?

Building strength means building muscle, which is a slow process. And seeing physical results depends a lot on the individual. Your gender, age, metabolism, and training regimen all dictate how quickly you’ll see results.

On average, people see early improvements around four weeks into strength conditioning. If you don’t see results after a month, it doesn’t mean your training isn’t working; it just means you fall somewhere outside the average.

For most people, seeing actual results happens closer to eight to twelve weeks. But the results also depend a lot on what your starting goals were. Improving your mile time for a 5K is different from adding endurance to your workouts, which differs from losing weight or building muscle mass.

If you do not see results as fast as you’d like, remember that changes happen slowly. Also, keep in mind that genuine success is showing up for every workout. You’re changing your lifestyle––a result you can achieve in the first week of strength and conditioning courses.

Achieve goals you never thought possible with strength and conditioning courses from Fog City Fitness.

For the last ten years, we’ve helped people from all over San Francisco find and develop their inner athletes. Whatever your goals are, from losing weight to building muscle and increasing endurance, you can achieve them with the help of our dedicated personal trainers. At Fog City Fitness, our strength and conditioning courses go beyond the physical to help people build mental resilience to become their best selves.

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