3 reasons you need a personal trainer for weight loss in the Bay Area

March 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
3 reasons you need a personal trainer for weight loss in the Bay Area

If losing weight was easy, we’d all be at our ideal weight all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for everyone to shed unwanted weight. For anyone who has goals to lose weight and get healthier, hiring a personal trainer for weight loss in the Bay Area is best. Our team at Fog City Fitness can help you set and reach goals that will improve your overall health. We have three great reasons you should for those who aren’t sure about hiring a trainer.

Learn about personal fitness

Most people who are serious about starting a fitness regimen will try to do some research before beginning. They want to learn about proper workout routines and frequency, what types of exercises they should be doing for their body type, how to approach nutrition, and the role nutrition plays in building sustainable habits. The problem comes with the amount of conflicting information we can find online and talk to friends.

It’s normal to have friends who will tell you they lost an astronomical amount of weight on a fad diet or exercise trend, but these aren’t always the healthiest way to approach your personal fitness. Working with a personal trainer is the best way to be informed on the latest healthy weight loss and wellness strategies. You’ll get comprehensive lessons on what it takes to lose weight and keep it off and learn about the lasting health benefits that come with exercising and eating right.

Break through plateaus

If you’ve ever stuck with an exercise routine for a significant amount of time, you’ve likely hit a plateau. A plateau is when you’re losing weight or making personal gains, then they suddenly stop. You keep with your routine and continue to put in the work, but you’re not losing weight or progressing toward your goals. For many people, this is incredibly frustrating and can lead to backsliding or giving up entirely. 
The solution to the problem isn’t giving up or putting in less work. Rather, you need to know what to do to properly mix up your workouts. Your personal trainer can help you identify new ways to approach your fitness by looking at the big picture. Are there changes you can make to your diet? What about your workouts is keeping you from making progress? You’ll have the help you need to continue working toward your goals.

Efficiency in workouts

Have you ever wondered why some people hate to go to the gym, and others absolutely love it? A big part of this comes with the workouts they’re doing. People who don’t feel good after their workouts are often those who are at the gym moving their bodies, but there’s not really a concerted effort to work toward a goal. Yes, moving your body is better than nothing. However, it’s important you’re doing exercises that will help you work toward your goals. For example, if you want to be a better baseball player, you should be focusing more on your core, legs, and flexibility. Compared to a soccer player who would primarily focus on running endurance. Your personal trainer can help you put together a program that increases your efficiency at the gym and make working toward your goals more enjoyable.

Book your first session

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