How personal training in San Francisco, CA, boosts physical and mental health

January 24, 2021 at 8:00 AM
How personal training in San Francisco, CA, boosts physical and mental health

A healthy body makes for a happier mind, but many people feel overwhelmed when starting an exercise plan from scratch. Even those who are experienced with working out can get into a rut. That’s where a personal trainer can help.

At Fog City Fitness, we’ve helped many men and women build healthier lives through personal training in San Francisco, CA. Are you wondering if hiring a personal trainer is right for you? You’d be surprised at both the physical and mental health benefits. Let’s take a look:

Custom personal training in San Francisco, CA, will help you reach your fitness goals

If you’re a complete beginner to exercise, you may be wondering where to even begin. Circuit training? Compound lifts? HIIT? All of this might sound like a foreign language to you right now. The good news is that a personal trainer can guide you into an exercise program built for your needs. Working with a trainer will also help you understand what not to do, so you can build the foundation of safe, healthy habits.

If you’ve been at it for a while and you haven’t achieved your desired results yet, you can still benefit from our personal training in San Francisco, CA. We’ve worked with clients of all fitness levels - from novices to experts - and have helped them reach their fitness goals.

Whether you’re trying to get a sculpted body or improve your cardio fitness, our team can design a custom workout plan. We can also suggest alternate exercises if you have old injuries that you don’t want to re-aggravate.

A personal trainer makes fitness fun, rather than just functional

We’ll be honest: getting fit - and staying fit - requires discipline and dedication. This isn’t always easy, especially when you get home from work and want to veg out. If you struggle with motivating yourself to hit the gym, hiring a personal trainer can make a world of difference.

When accomplishing any new task, having someone to hold you accountable greatly increases your chances of success. Not only that, but your trainer can provide the camaraderie and support you need during intense workout sessions.

By transforming your gym time into more of a social activity, you’ll not only reap the physical benefits, but you’ll gain a fitness partner you can rely on. And if you’ve hit a plateau, a personal trainer can help you design a new exercise strategy to level up.

Physical health can boost mental health

Clients who choose our personal training in San Francisco, CA, don’t just look better - they feel better. Physical health is tied to mental health, so any fitness improvements you make can drastically boost your mood.

Here’s why: working out and reaching your goals provides a huge sense of accomplishment. According to a study, exercise can also reduce anxiety and depression, and it can alleviate low self-esteem and social isolation. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise for 3 days a week can provide these mental health benefits. Moreover, regularly working out with your trainer and getting to know your local gym-goers will naturally make you feel part of a community.

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