How to design a muscle mass building program in San Francisco

January 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How to design a muscle mass building program in San Jose

Putting together a weight training program can be a challenge. It can be even more difficult if you’re looking to build significant amounts of muscle mass. You can get help putting together and sticking to a muscle mass building program in San Francisco with Fog City Fitness. I’m an expert in building fitness programs, so I have some advice to help you get started.

Choose your workout frequency

You need to set realistic expectations for yourself anytime you’re putting together a fitness program. Yes, it would be nice to get to the gym six days a week. You would see amazing results and start feeling great in no time. However, not everybody has a schedule that accommodates hitting the weights that often. If your goal is to build muscle mass, you should be lifting at least three days a week with a maximum of five. Make sure you’re resting muscle groups to give them a chance to recover, or you won’t get the results you want.

Set a schedule

Set a schedule once you’ve chosen how often you want to work out. Build your lift days into your calendar, so it’s something you have to stick to. If you prefer to start your day with a lift, make going to the gym the first thing you do. If you like lifting after work, block out time after work for it. It’s also crucial to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep. Your body recovers best while you’re sleeping, so you need to get ample sleep at night to help your muscles rebuild.

Get your nutrition right

You can lift heavy weights all you want, but if you’re not eating right, you won’t make progress. You should increase your protein intake, but that doesn’t mean eating boatloads of steak and cheeseburgers. Think lean mean instead. Eat foods like eggs, salmon, chicken, tilapia, and beans. Protein powders are great supplements as well. Your body is going to need more protein to build muscle, so you should find healthy ways to provide it. Keep in mind that your body is going to need lots of fruits and vegetables with a high protein intake.

Be patient

Your body takes time to build. While you might want to see results after the first week or two of lifting, it’s going to happen slowly over time. Be patient with yourself. While you can accelerate the process by eating right and maintaining your schedule, it’s still a slow burn that happens over months.

Remember your legs

Not everybody likes leg day. It makes it difficult to get around the rest of the day, and you can forget taking the stairs after you’ve burnt out on squat jumps. Although, it’s important that you remember to include legs in your routine. Not only is leg day a crucial part of building a balanced physique, but it also helps build more muscle mass. Your legs have multiple large muscle groups, and they’ll help promote the production of growth hormone and testosterone in your body. These hormones help with all-over muscle growth. In short, leg day will help you get bigger everywhere else as well.

Reach out for help getting started

You can get help getting started with your muscle mass building program in San Francisco by getting in touch with our team at Fog City Fitness. I’ll assist you in putting together a fitness program that will help you meet your goals while accommodating your individual needs. Once you have a program, I can work with you and your schedule to help you achieve your goals. Give me a call today at 415-602-2777 to book a consultation. Feel free to send any questions you might have through our online contact form.