Benefits of Personal Training After Weight Loss

January 31, 2023 at 5:00 AM
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Many people associate personal training with weight loss, as though it's only for people who want to shed some pounds and change their physique. However, personal trainers can also help individuals who want to put on weight rather than lose it. Whether you're recovering from a surgery or illness or you simply want to add mass to your body, a personal training program can help you achieve your goals by offering these many benefits.

Reasons to Use Personal Training for Weight Gain

It gives you a system of accountability.

Consistency is vital when you're trying to put on weight in a healthy fashion, but mustering up the energy to make it to the gym each day can be challenging. That's one of the biggest benefits of personal training after weight loss. The trainer can check in with you and provide motivation to get your workout in. Plus, since you will have paid for it, chances are good you won't want that money to go to waste, and it'll be easier to convince yourself to exercise.

They'll build a custom routine for you.

Depending on what your weight gain goals are, the type of workout regimen you'll need can vary. Things like is it better to run before or after lifting weights, which muscle groups should you target, and should you do fewer reps with heavier weight or vice versa can overwhelm someone just starting out on their new fitness journey. Your personal trainer can help take the guesswork out of the equation and guide you through your workouts for optimal efficiency.

Get help outside of the gym.

After going through severe weight loss, personal training won't just be about the physical exercise. If you want to put on more weight, your diet will be an integral part of the process. Luckily, personal training isn't just about showing you how to work out. It also includes guidance on diets. Your trainer can help you set daily caloric intake goals, tell you what types of food are best to put on healthy weight, and explain the science behind it all.


Put weight back on safely.

If you're still recovering from something that caused drastic weight loss, personal training can help ensure you put it back on without causing any harm to your body. They don't just tell you what kinds of workouts you should be doing. They'll ease you into it so you don't overexert yourself, and they offer advice on proper form. That way, you can avoid injuries and start to gain that weight back in a healthy fashion.

Take advantage of emotional support.

The relationship between a physical trainer and their clients is truly special. The two of you will spend a good amount of time together, and chances are good those moments won't all be spent in silence. Your trainer can become a bit like a therapist for you. You can share your frustrations with the process as well as the good moments, talk about your day, and get emotional support from them that'll help you push through and achieve your goals.

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