6 Myths About Strength and Conditioning

May 15, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Strength and conditioning San Francisco

If you think you know all there is to know about strength training and conditioning, think again.

Here in San Francisco, even seasoned weight-lifting enthusiasts can fall victim to common misconceptions surrounding weights, so it’s no surprise that beginners are the same way.

Our team at Fog City Fitness knows how important strength and conditioning is to those who want to live healthy, stay fit, and be strong — that’s why we work hard to crush myths about exercise whenever we can. 

Here are six common myths debunked so you won't avoid the weight room anymore.

1. Myth: I’m too old to lift.

Think you’re too old to start lifting weights? Wrong! Anyone can benefit from strength and conditioning, no matter your age (just make sure to check in with your doctor before doing any heavy lifting.) In fact, weight exercises are especially great for anyone over 40.

Why? That’s when we start to see a decrease in muscle and bone density. Hitting the weight room not only builds it back up, but it can also ease pain from arthritis, improve balance and flexibility, fight osteoporosis, and help with weight control.

2. Myth: Weights are just for men.

Too many people think that participating in strength and conditioning is a guy thing, but women get just as much out of it. The weight room belongs to you too — own it.

Women start losing roughly 5 lbs. of muscle every 10 years once they hit their 30s, meaning those exercises become important if you want to fight off weight gain and muscle weakness. 

3. Myth: All I need is cardio.

No, we aren’t hating on running and walking. Are you kidding? Cardio is an important part of being healthy — but the myth is that it’s the only exercise you need.

Yeah, cardio helps with burning fat and losing weight, but so does working the weights. In fact, strength and conditioning build your muscles so that you have a higher resting metabolic rate — meaning that you burn more calories just by living.

Don’t give up your runs; supplement with lifting and you’ll see drastic improvements.

4. Myth: I can lose weight in specific areas with focused exercises.

We wish it were true, but that stomach fat won’t magically disappear just because you’re exercising your abs every day. The truth is that strength and conditioning exercises eliminate reserves of fat throughout the body, not just in specific areas. Want the best results? Combine your weight-lifting with a healthy diet and some cardio exercise.

5. Myth: It’s better to use lighter weights at higher reps.

If you’re looking to lose weight, this is the wrong way to do it. Are we saying that light weights/high reps don’t do anything? No.

Sure, this approach will increase muscle endurance, but you won’t get that lean look from pumping 5 lbs. every day. It’s fine to start small but be willing to work your way up. If you want to do things right, aim for a weight that allows you to complete your reps, but just barely.

6. Myth: I’ll get massive muscles from strength and conditioning workouts.

Can you bulk up with by lifting? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you will. Lots of women avoid free weights and weight machines because they’re worried they’ll end up looking like The Hulk. 

Let us put your mind at ease: Most women don’t have enough testosterone to produce the same muscles that men might get from weightlifting — in fact, even some guys find it hard to get those muscles.

What strength and conditioning will do is increase lean muscle mass, giving you a smooth, toned look.

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